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(Complain Management System)

  • Your Own Logo
  • Lead Management(Status, Quotation,Approval Management)
  • Complaint Management System
  • Generate Quotation on the go
  • Cloud based Software
  • USB Whatsapp Integrated Entry, complaint Registered Technicians
  • Inventory Management
  • Technicians Management
  • Customized Report
  • AMC Manage
  • Multiple zone Management

Lets disscuss about our software Briefly

Your Own LOGO

  1. Get your own logo on your software.
  2. Adept your brand identity to enhance your product.
  3. Grap your own choice logo design.
  4. Bring your brand to life through a custom logo that accurately represents your business.
  5. Bring your brand through a custom logo design.

Lead Management

  1. Add, manage and follow up on your new sales leads.
  2. Stop wasting time dead leads.
  3. Access queries about your personal experience on our website.
  4. Continue feedback into offering and delivery changes.

Complaint Management

  1. Reduce the number of incoming/service phone calls.
  2. Your customer can register a complaint with just a few clicks.
  3. Save your manpower by working in an efficient way.
  4. Start open and transparent communication.
  5. Adapt quick responses at any calling platform.

Quotation on go

  1. Send quotations on the go from anywhere around the world.
  2. Maintain records of your quotations sent.
  3. Send your opinions on what we can change.
  4. Make your selection customize your quotation request.
  5. Send quotations by email.

USB Whatsapp Integrated

  1. USB Whatsapp Integrated Entry, complaint Registered Technicians


Inventory Management

  1. View and manage your stock instantly

Technicians Management

  1. Apply to create new, creative mobile app development.
  2. Reliable, accurate designs


Customers Previous Complaints

  1. Carry a well structured report to develop easy to understand website features improvement.
  2. Get reports through email, whatsapp automatically.
  3. Get real-time scheduled reports .

AMC Manage

  1. Create custom reminders for your customers when their AMC due.
  2. Automate your AMC reminder tasks


Multiple Zone Management

  1. Easily manage divide and segregate your customers and their complaints
  2. Easily control over the access of your data

Why customer love Error to Array

Cloud based Software

  1. Use it on any device from anywhere in the world.
  2. Increase your capability
  3. Manage connection at whatsapp, email,
  4. Manage and save your tasks.
  5. Make real-time edits and updates to your website content, designs, functionality.

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