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Office Automation

  • Task management
  • Client management
  • Product management
  • Lead management
  • Opportunity management
  • Contact management

About Our Software

Task management

  1. Monitor your task list start to end.
  2. Can easily change task sheets with time dates.
  3. Save your performance list in the history
  4. Improve productivity.

Client management

  1. Use technologies with proper coordination.
  2. Give your queries related to any topic.
  3. Understand your problems with our coordination prospectus.
  4. Grap and replace your solution in your mind.

Product management

  1. Launch, and ongoing management of products or services.
  2. Responsible for guiding the entire lifecycle of a product, from ideation to market success.
  3. Setting the product vision, identifying.
  4. Conduct market research, competitive analysis, and gather customer feedback to inform the product strategy.

Lead management

  1. Add, manage and follow up on your new sales leads.
  2. Stop wasting time dead leads.
  3. Access queries about your personal experience on our website.
  4. Continue feedback into offering and delivery changes.
  5. Capture the email addresses or phone numbers, and initiate the lead management process.
  6. Crucial to track and organise them effectively.

Opportunity management

  1. The process of tracking all opportunities for potential sales across the pipeline and converting them into recurring revenue.
  2. Identify, assess, and capitalise on potential opportunities for growth,
  3. Active seek out and evaluate opportunities,
  4. Scanning the internal and external business environment to identify potential opportunities.
  5. Analysing the potential risks, costs, benefits, and overall feasibility of pursuing each opportunity

Contact management

  1. Storing and tracking data on customers and leads.
  2. To manage your task with a proper guide.
  3. Import and export contacts through phone call, whatsapp.
  4. Save your data on your device at the set of date and time.
  5. Set search and filter option.
  6. Use social media optimization.
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